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Managing aging conductors and shield wires

Many transmission and distribution lines in world are very old. Some conductors and shield wires have been in service for more than 40 years—well past their intended design life—with rates of deterioration largely unknown. As lines continue to age it becomes increasingly important for utilities to know the existing physical condition of the aged conductors to optimize management of these important assets. Conductors remain a primary interest because their condition often drives decisions on whether utilities need to commit to expensive capital programs.
Knowledge of the actual physical condition of a conductor’s steel core is important when deciding whether the conductor needs replacement or not. A reliable in-situ non-destructive inspection tool used to accurately assess the remaining cross-sectional steel can help acquire this knowledge.
Why measure remaining steel cross section?

Zinc galvanizing on steel strands of ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced) and ACSS (Aluminum Conductor Self-Supporting) conductors will delay deterioration of the base metal, although zinc does not contribute to the mechanical strength. Even after zinc galvanizing has been compromised, the tensile strength of steel wires (and conductors) can remain close to rated strength for many years. Measuring the remaining steel core cross-section provides a direct assessment of the most important conductor parameter—actual remaining strength—and LineVue does this.
Non-destructive Inspection
The Kinectrics LineVue inspection system is a non-destructive device for measuring the remaining cross-sectional area of the steel core wires in ACSR and ACSS conductors. The LineVue device can also detect any local breaks and deep pits in the steel core wires. This is done in the field on unenergized conductors.
Originally developed to inspect steel ropes for the mining industry, LineVue has been reengineered by Kinectrics to carry out inspections on both transmission and distribution size conductors. LineVue comprises a sensing head and a tug, which transports the unit along the conductor.
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